Luck that Suck

Can anybody tell me???

Meron ba akong balat sa puwet nung baby na nawala na lang paglaki?


Nasa pinakapangit na alignment ang mga stars nung pinanganak ako?

O baka naman...

May naapakang duwende o na-offend na mangkukulam ang mommy ko habang pinagbubuntis niya ako kaya ako sinumpa????



Writer's Block: Better than leftovers

If you had to eat the same thing for dinner every night for the next year, what would you choose?

Baked macaroni!! Heck, I could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner and I wouldn't tire of it.  That's got to be the best dish created! with meatballs and cheese and tomato sauce and green bell pepper and ground meat and  more cheese baked just at the right temperature..I worship the person who first discovered it and decided to share it to us mere  mortals. Yeah.. I know what you're thinking, I've got to be cracked, right? So? sue me. Long live the legacy of the oh so holy baked macaroni!!!!!!!!

Weirdest Dream

 Dreams, they say, are the representations of our subconscious,  our innate and unspoken desires. throughout my life, I've had my fair share of unexplainable dreams, those that seem to have a certain meaning but in reality are quite meaningless. I also couldn't count how many nightmare I've had since I was young and mostly, I don't let myself be bothered by those. For me, those dreams and nightmares are just a product of my wild imagination, my desire for something more interesting or exciting to happen in my life and sometimes, to past my time, I tend to make explanations and connections between my dreams and reality. And last night, I just had one of my weirdest dreams.
 It started out pretty normal, I was watching TV with my whole family, until there was a very disturbing news (from the insider, no less.) The news was about a cheer leading troupe who arrived in their school dressed and acting as zombies, the whole school thought it was part of their routine until they started scaring the other students when the head cheerleader produced a bloody knife and told one of the members to hold one of their others  members. As the girl advanced to her members and hold the knife against the other girls throat, the "captive" did not even flinch. and without batting an eyelash, she stabbed the girl, immediately killing her. and she once again instructed the others to hold another one of their member, and like the first, the members only followed and never struggled. By that time, the newscaster, reporting the incident said that it may be the cause of another cult started by the head cheerleader.
As i looked outside our house (remember, this is still part of my dream) I see everyone running everywhere, apparently, the cheerleader is running amok in our neighborhood, looking for her next victim. When I saw her, she transformed into a very adorable baby. I couldn't accept that she is a crazy murderer or maybe even a demon or something (seeing as she was able to transform but .. well.. it's a dream and those kind of things doesn't really matter in dreams, right), so,  I still tried to be sweet to the baby even if everyone were warning me to stay away. After I really thought about it, I tried to trick her and run away from her but no matter what I do, she was still able to find me. Until a van came and picked me up along with my friends, but somehow, I know that she was following us. She once again turned into a girl to be able to ask a commuter to give her a ride. No matter where we go, she was still able to follow us.
Then we arrived into this resort in the middle of nowhere that offered us a place to stay for the night. After a few minutes of resting in a cabin,  I looked out the window to check if the girl followed us there but what surprised me was that the place was blooming with people. Suddenly, it was the place to be. Tourist, foreigners, even natives are there. and then I realized that we are actually at the middle of the sea. As I looked out to admire the beauty of the water, there was a sudden, sort of a whirlpool that developed just beside the resort. We started taking photos of it cause it really was beautiful but then, it came nearer and nearer to our location, until I was so sure that it'll swallow us all. As I felt the impact of the water to our cabin, I tried to keep air in my lungs as long as possible. I was almost so sure that it is my end because I simply couldn't hold it anymore. Badly needing oxygen was what woke me up.
As I've mentioned earlier, this is not the first time that i had nightmares but it is the first time that I was so affected by it that I woke up not breathing. Usually, I would know that it was a dream and then I will force myself to wake up or I would just wake up before something that bad happened. This is probably not that weird compared to others nightmare and  frankly, even I had worse dream than this but still, it was one weird dream. I don't even remember thinking, seeing, or reading anything that can be remotely associated to anything in that dream but as they say, dreams can or cannot mean anything. Nobody really knows.

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Writer's Block: Teenage dream

If you arrived at your front door and saw your first love standing there, what would you do or say?

Since Daniel Radcliffe is my first love, I probably won't be able to see nor talk to him 'cause the whole neighborhood would be crowding around him. He should visit me in the middle of the night when everyone are asleep then i'd be able to drag him inside and rape him, haha!!